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A quasi-CVS install of 0.4, a problem with database drivers, and more

From: Stanley A. Klein
Subject: A quasi-CVS install of 0.4, a problem with database drivers, and more
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2002 13:52:28

First let me describe my quasi-CVS install of 0.4.  I wanted to install 0,4
locally in my user space (/home/stan).  Here are some directions on how to
do this:

1.  Download the tar.gz files from  

2.  Create a directory (example:  /home/stan/usr/gnue/gnue.0.4) and copy
the tar.gz files there.  

3.  Upack the tar.gz files (tar -xvzf filename) in that directory. 

4.  Create symbolic links to the unpacked directories using the directory
names used in CVS (common, appserver, forms, reports, navigator, etc.).

5.  Copy from CVS into the directory.  [Perhaps we should
supply this as a separate file with the stable versions for this purpose.]

6.  Run and respond to the questions regarding placement of
the commands and config files.

The commands for tools in my installation are the same as for CVS, except
they are in a different place.  It might be nicer to provide a variant of with code that creates the symbolic links in (4) and changes
the command names to what they would be in the package-installed version in

Now for the problem.  I downloaded and installed the pypgsql package.  It
required a symbolic link in /usr/python2.1/site-packages because the rpm
put it in a different place.  (My system is Red Hat 7.2.)  So unless there
is something further I need to do or the error is being caused by something
wrong in the driver itself (a wrong version?) I think the driver is
available and visible.

I started Designer and tried to connect to a database having connection
configuration of:

comment = CBC database design
provider = pypgsql
host = p500
dbname = cbc-design

I got the following error message:

DB000: Traceback (most recent call last):
DB000:   File
line 400, in OnConnectTo
DB000:     tempDO = self.connections.getDataObject(conn, 'object')
DB000:   File
line 192, in getDataObject
DB000:     'provider'), connection_type, self)
DB000:   File
line 327, in _load_dbdriver
DB000:     raise GDataObjects.ProviderNotSupportedError, \
DB000: gnue.common.GDataObjects.ProviderNotSupportedError: No database
driver found for provider type 'pypgsql'

Do I need to do more to install the driver?  Is there something obvious I'm
doing wrong?  Is this a bug?  How can I diagnose this?

Also, I want to suggest the need for an improvement in the error messages
and/or diagnostic capability.  I had a syntax error in one line of the
connections file (a "-" where a "=" belonged).  The only message I got was
that the connections file was in a wrong format and could not be parsed.
[My immediate reaction was that there might have been a redesign of the
connections file format that was not yet reflected either in the
documentation or the connections file examples.  I even filed Ticket 141
asking for the format to be documented or the samples updated.)

It would help if there were some way to provide a further indication of the
nature or location of the parsing error.  

Stan Klein

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