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Re: probably a stupid question

From: Luc Saffre
Subject: Re: probably a stupid question
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 11:02:17 +0200
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"One beginner can ask more questions than 10 experts can answer".
Your question was certainly not stupid. I think it is a fact that a newcomer is quite lost when first trying to discover GNU Enterprise.
I am also new.
I have the impression that appserver is not the first thing you should try to explore in GNUe... because it is in a very early development state. Also you don't need it to get a first impression of what is possible with GNUe.
I wrote a liitle article about my first contacts with GNU Enterprise :


On 11/7/2002 6:30 PM, Adrian Manna wrote:

Hello all

I have installed all the packages and ran the setup
routines for the tools etc. But I cannot now find
anything that tells me what the next step is . ie how
to run the appserver and start using the forms tools

Hope I'm not being too much a of a muppet here but
help would be appreciated , thanks.

Regards Adrian
ps: The system is a Mandrake 8.2 system.

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