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Re: probably a stupid question

From: Luc Saffre
Subject: Re: probably a stupid question
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 18:07:44 +0200
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thanks for your feedback.
Yes, I would enjoy to see my article published on such famous places.
But shouldn't I first work a little bit more on it?
I have no experience with publishing articles there.
I have also no problems if somebody who knows more than me takes my article and turns it into a better one. But I can also join the project and become maintainer for a "Getting started" document.


On 11/23/2002 5:19 PM, Derek Neighbors wrote:


Your article looks like a good start.  If you want to build on it and
get feedback from us where you stumble it would be great for you to
submit that to newsforge, linuxtoday or even slashdot.

On Sat, 2002-11-23 at 02:02, Luc Saffre wrote:

"One beginner can ask more questions than 10 experts can answer".
Your question was certainly not stupid. I think it is a fact that a newcomer is quite lost when first trying to discover GNU Enterprise.
I am also new.
I have the impression that appserver is not the first thing you should try to explore in GNUe... because it is in a very early development state. Also you don't need it to get a first impression of what is possible with GNUe.
I wrote a liitle article about my first contacts with GNU Enterprise :


On 11/7/2002 6:30 PM, Adrian Manna wrote:

Hello all

I have installed all the packages and ran the setup
routines for the tools etc. But I cannot now find
anything that tells me what the next step is . ie how
to run the appserver and start using the forms tools

Hope I'm not being too much a of a muppet here but
help would be appreciated , thanks.

Regards Adrian
ps: The system is a Mandrake 8.2 system.

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