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Re: Another opportunity to publicize GNUe

From: David Sugar
Subject: Re: Another opportunity to publicize GNUe
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 13:49:22 -0500
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I actually do a number of free software related events any given year where we 
do get to talk at least a little about GNUe as well as Bayonne :).  Actually, 
if there was a general GNUe interest in participating in this event, I might 
look at going to speak seperately about GNU Bayonne and the recent 
discussions in using it to provide e-government services for the blind.

On Thursday 05 December 2002 03:27, Stanley A. Klein wrote:
> I have attached below the call for presentations and demonstrations for a
> conference to be held in Washington, D.C. next March.  The deadline for
> proposals is January 10.  The topics are listed in the call.  There are
> lots of potential topics that related to GNUe.  I will review the proposals
> we submitted to the previous conference and I have some ideas for
> additional proposals.  I think we should propose a demo and at least three
> presentations.
> Stan Klein
> *********************
> Call for Papers
> The Cyber Security Policy and Research Institute (CSPRI) of The George
> Washington University, UNDP, GSA, DISA, NAVY Office of the CIO, The
> Danish National IT and Telecom Agency are proud to present a conference on
> "Open Source for National and Local eGovernment Programs in the U.S. and
> EU" to be held in Washington, DC, USA, March 17 - 19, 2003.
> This conference is designed to discuss best practices, raise awareness and
> the share experiences among policy makers from the U.S. and Europe. The
> conference will draw participants from local, national and international
> organizations
> from the public, private and academic sectors.
> To facilitate the organization of topics and events at the conference, you
> are invited
> to submit speaking and demonstration proposals.
> Suggested Topics
> Please submit your proposal no later than January 10, 2003.
> Suggested topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
>      Citizen-Centric eGovernment
>      Open Source XML Solutions
>      Open Source and Open Standards
>      Open Source and Enterprise Architecture
>      State / Local Government using Open Source
>      The Role of Open Source in Government
>      Demonstrations of Open Source Projects
>      Open Source and Security
>      Open Source and the Critical Information Infrastructure
>      NIAP/Common Criteria Evaluations and Open Source
>      Open Source in the Military
>      Open Source, PKI and Standards-based Authentication
>      Open Source in Higher Education
>      Open Source in Health Care and Bioinformatics
>      Open Source in Training IT Computer Science Students
>      Business Cases: Open Source Software and Total Cost of Ownership
>      Open Source Empowering People with Disabilities
>      Open Source and Section 508
>      Open Source Licenses and other Legal Issues
> Dates to Remember
> Deadline for speaking proposals:
>                         January 10, 2003
> Notification of acceptance:
>                         January 20th, 2003
> Final submissions due:
>                         January 31st, 2003
> Conference:
>                         March 17-19, 2003
> The conference website can be found at
> Submissions and editorial questions should be directed to the conference
> committee
> at the email address, address@hidden
> Conference Committee
> U.S.
> Tony Stanco, CSPRI
> Bruce Perens, CSPRI
> Adam Turoff, CSPRI
> Nick Guzman, George Washington University
> Joseph Broghamer, Office of the Chief Information Officer Department of the
> Navy
> Susan Turnbull, Office of Intergovernmental Solutions U.S. General Services
> Administration (GSA)
> Terry Bollinger, MITRE
> Janina Sajka, America Foundation for the Blind
> Brand Niemann, Federal XML Services Working Group
> David A. Wheeler, Institute for Defense Analyses
> Sarah M. Weinberg, MitreTEK
> EU
> John Gotze, The Danish National IT and Telecom Agency
> Philippe Aigrain, European Commission
> Rishab Aiyer Ghosh, FLOSS
> International
> Raul Zambrano, UNDP
> Jacqueline Dubow, infoDev
> Pamela Street, infoDev
> _______________________________________________
> Gnue mailing list
> address@hidden

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