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Re: [GNUe] Working through first Example

From: Reinhard Mueller
Subject: Re: [GNUe] Working through first Example
Date: 20 Mar 2004 21:49:22 +0100

Am Sa, 2004-03-20 um 19.58 schrieb Clay Hopperdietzel:
> At this point, I have a viable database connection, and am able to
> launch designer.
> I suppose the next thing I need to do is design some objects, and
> wonder what I'm supposed to do next.

There are generally 2 ways of using the GNUe tools.

One way is to create forms and reports that directly talk to a database
(we call this 2-tier). You can use designer to build these forms and
reports. Several people do this and it works perfectly in quite some
production environments. Doucumentation about this is included in our
Forms/Reports/Designer packages (and I think even available online on
our web pages, maybe someone else can provide a link).

The other way is to use the GNUe Application Server (we call this
3-tier). This means that:
1. You define "Business objects" that are backed in an SQL database
2. You define forms and reports that talk to the Application Server
instead of directly to the database.

Step 2 is actually more or less the same as you would do in 2-tier mode.
However, as the Application Server is still under heavy development,
step 1 is, althoug generally possible, not very comfortable and not well
If you would like to try out 3-tier with AppServer, you will find most
of the information in the README and in the samples directory.

Reinhard Mueller
GNU Enterprise project
No army can stop an idea whose time has come.
        -- Victor Hugo, 1802-1885

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