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Re: [gnugo-devel] NNGS games in regression/games/nngs

From: Trevor Morris
Subject: Re: [gnugo-devel] NNGS games in regression/games/nngs
Date: Tue, 01 Jan 2002 14:44:17 -0500

At 11:20 AM 1/1/2002 -0800, Dan wrote:
>> > It would be nice if all appropriate NNGS games were copied
>> > into regression/games/nngs/opponent##.sgf
>> > 
>> > This would make it easy (for me at least) to comment the game
>> > records, run sgf2tst on the commented game, and copy the test cases
>> > into a master .tst file.  
>How are we to decide which games are appropriate?
>As it stands, a game gets entered into regression/games if someone
>thinks there are moves in it that deserve to be corrected. Are you
>suggesting that all completed games should get entered into the
>regression database, or just the ones that someone nominates?
>GNU Go has played something like 15000 games on NNGS over the last 
>two years. Nearly all of these games contain moves that deserve tuning.

I would suggest not being too stringent on which games get enterred.
As I originnal suggested:

>Appropriate NNGS games would probably be:
> - GNU Go lost  &&  time control was reasonable.
> - Any other games Gunnar likes. :-)

If, after some period of time (say 2-3 months), a given game isn't
referrenced by the regression tests, it could be deleted if a large
number of games began cluttering up the games/nngs directory.


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