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[gnugo-devel] A GNUGO program with Windows GUI

From: 黄新民
Subject: [gnugo-devel] A GNUGO program with Windows GUI
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2002 13:47:36 +0800

Hello, everyone:

  I'm a Chinese programer and I'm interest in Go game.
  I have downloaded the source code of the GNUGO, and I encapsulated the GNUGO 
into an independent DLL(window format), and a windows9x/2k/Xp based GO GUI 
provided also.
  Currently 0.1 beta is finished(the Go Engin is GNUGo3.0), they are in the 
Tar-ZIP package
file attached with this mail. You must unzip them into an directory before run 
the EXE file.

  I hope you can give me some advise to lead me through the development of this 
I think the GNU GO is a powerful GO engin, but most of the people are using 
computers based
on windows OS instead of UNIX/LINUX, which prevent them to play GNU GO. So, I 
think a GUI
interface is needed.
  This version is just a BETA version, and many bugs exist, I will clear them 
as fast as I
can when I find them, many functions are waiting to be finished also.

  I name my program to Happy Go(this may change), whether I must name it to GNU 
GO for windows?

  I use C++ Builder 6.0 to finish my work.

  You can ask me send source code to you if you need it .

  my e-mail: address@hidden or address@hidden or address@hidden

              haung xinmin (sinmin)

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