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AW: [gnugo-devel] a patch from a newbie :)

From: Portela Fernand
Subject: AW: [gnugo-devel] a patch from a newbie :)
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 15:28:45 +0200

Arend wrote:

> One thing that may be worth considering: Your new attack/defense codes
> only make sense for owl results. So maybe we should leave the standard
> attack code as they are and define OWL_WIN etc. separately.

#define WIN  3
#define KO_A 2
#define KO_B 1
#define LOSE 0

#define OWL_KILL 5
#define OWL_KO_A 4
#define OWL_WIN  3
#define OWL_LOSE 2
#define OWL_KO_B 1
#define OWL_DIE  0

Something like this ? Looks good to me...

Well, there's only like 450 occurences of "WIN" in GnuGo source code, 
it should be easy to sort out...  o_O

More seriously, I still don't know precisely how higher level functions in
the engine compare/work with these results. Since you seem to think there
shouldn't be any serious problem, I will give it a try.


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