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Re: [gnugo-devel] regress 13x13b:27

From: kevin yong
Subject: Re: [gnugo-devel] regress 13x13b:27
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2003 22:13:52 -0400 (EDT)

 --- Evan Berggren Daniel <address@hidden>
wrote: > This is indeed fairly simple.  CD106 can
probably be
> completely removed; I
> doubt it is neccessary any more.  This was probably
> added before the owl
> code was very good, and was needed to prevent GNU Go
> from dying in some
> cases.  You could try running the full regression
> suit without it and see
> whether it is still needed elsewhere; if it is, then
> solving those
> problems and sending one collected fix would be a
> good thing.  But
> whatever the results, if you could send them to us
> along with the relevant
> patch, that would be best.

Hi, Evan:

  i m using windowsXP. i made a .bat file to run all
.tst file inside regression dir. A .log file is
created for each .tst file.

  how do i exam results to see if remove pattern CD106
has effects on other parts of tests?

  thank you for your help.


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