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Re: [gomd-devel] <DOCS> Working on the docs stuff...

From: Matthias Rechenburg
Subject: Re: [gomd-devel] <DOCS> Working on the docs stuff...
Date: Sun, 5 Oct 2003 13:56:56 +0200
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Cioa JP,

good about the docu :)

I put Kris on cc to this mail because maybe he wants/plans to inlucde
some gomd-docu in the "great openMosix-howto" ;)
We should think about an easy solution for him to insert/update the
gomd parts as soon as our documenation is a bit more "static".

all the best,

.... cu soon in Saarbruecken, Kris :)

On Samstag 04 Oktober 2003 23:59, Gian Paolo Ghilardi wrote:
> Hi all.
> In these days I've started adding docs stuff.
> - added lots of comments to the daemon code files.
> - added new docs/doxygen directory with a script ("generate_docs.sh) to
> generate the documentation for
>   the source files of both daemon and library. Format: HTML & RTF.
> - Mirko is working to create a script to convert the updated manual (RTF
> file format) to all the known file formats... ;)
> - I've prepared a new release for the manual.(typo fixes, comments,..):
> v0.1b.
>    Not committed yet (waiting fot Mirko's script).
>    I'm also working to add some "gomd internals" chapter to the manual.
> PS: when Moshe will give us the permissions, we'll move to the new
> openMosix community platform.
> Ok? ;)
> Byez.
> <rejected>
> << CVS NOTES >>
> IN daemon/*.cpp
> (+) added comments
> ----
> NOTE#1: added Doxygen docs-autogeneration stuff
> NOTE#2: Doxygen config file created via the nice doxywizard program
> (graphical front-end for doxygen)
> IN docs/doxygen/Doxyfile.daemon
> (+) Doxygen config file used to autobuild the documentation for the daemon
> (gomd) code
> IN docs/doxygen/Doxyfile.lib
> (+) Doxygen config file used to autobuild the documentation for the library
> (libgomd) code
> IN docs/doxygen/generate_docs.sh
> (+) script used to auto-generate the documentation for bot daemon and lib
> source codes.
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