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Re: find for guile

From: David Lutterkort
Subject: Re: find for guile
Date: 02 Jan 2001 21:48:24 -0800

Hi Vardhan,

if you are interested in a similar routine which I wrote about a year ago,
go to

I would be very happy if somebody would base their 'find to end all finds'
on it.


address@hidden writes:

>   Hey where can i find this find ?
>  I have spent some 4 hours writing , find.
>   My find goes like this
>   (find  "start-directories" 
>           (find-or (find-extension ".c" ) (find-extension ".h" )
>            (find-print) ) )
>    where various find-* returns predicate generators i.e. return lambda, which
>     takes a single argument and return #t / #f.
>   I'm having certain issues with -depth foo thing, but that's easy to fix,
>    The find returns a list of files, for which all predicates returned #t
> A Q: is there any naming convention for such predicate-generators ( like 
> foo-bar? for
>    predicates).
> > hi, finally got a chance to check out find.scm and find-old.scm -- neat!
> > is there any chance you will be publishing a z77z-pers-scheme (that can
> > be installed w/ "./configure ; make ; make install")?

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