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Re: guile projects database conversion status

From: Bobby D. Bryant
Subject: Re: guile projects database conversion status
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 15:43:36 -0600

thi wrote:

> oops, thanks for the reminder; i did see that post but it slipped my
> mind.... sorry about that.  yes, a new category is a good idea.
> however, i think "bindings" might be too general a term.  i notice that
> the Ada bindings are for the gh interface.  how do these proposed
> categories strike you?
>   Export/Libguile
>   Export/Libguile-High
>   Export/[whatever-other-subset-of-libguile]
> this keeps a guile-centric view of things and allows for later
> modularization.  although i like the term "Export", i'm not attached to
> whatever comes after the slash; since you are breaking new ground, feel
> free to suggest other ideas.

That's fine; I agree that "bindings" would be ambiguous between binding
something to GUILE vs. binding GUILE to something else, so "Export" is
probably a good term for the top-level category.

The breakdown in subcategories is fine by me, too.


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