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Re: Guile 6.4 on NCR MPRAS

From: Kevin Pendleton
Subject: Re: Guile 6.4 on NCR MPRAS
Date: 29 Mar 2004 16:00:14 -0700

On Sat, 2004-03-27 at 14:33, Kevin Ryde wrote:
> Kevin Pendleton <address@hidden> writes:
> >
> > I then set LIBS="-lm -lmw -lnsl"
> configure is supposed to grab -lnsl when needed, by looking for
> gethostbyname.  You can check if that's happened.  It ought to get
> into as a dependency.

Looking at it all again, I have found that there are just the two LIBS
that are needed.  I did not need to add "-lm".  "-lnsl" does not get
added appropriately.  When checking for gethostbyname, it fails both
times, (undefined reference to `gethostbyname'), with and without
-lnsl.  Here's the synopsis from the man page for gethostbyname for

          #include <sys/types.h>
          #include <sys/socket.h>
          #include <netdb.h>

          struct hostent *gethostent()

          struct hostent *gethostbyaddr(addr, len, type)
          char *addr;
          int len, type;

          struct hostent *gethostbyname(name)
          char *name;

          int stayopen


> What's -lmw and what's it needed for?

The way I understand it, for NCR MP-RAS systems, the system needs to
explicitly link against -lmw to pull in some symbols such as
_mwoflocheckl and others.  This was discovered during the configuration
of perl for MPRAS. For more details on the perl hints file see:

If I include -lnsl and not -lmw I get the following two errors:

./.libs/ undefined reference to `_mwvalidcheckl'
./.libs/ undefined reference to `_mwoflocheckl'

> > FAIL: srfi-19.test: SRFI date/time library: #<procedure time-utc->date
> > (time . tz-offset)> respects local DST if no TZ-OFFSET given
> Might be the way TZ is changed only with putenv (in the tests).  I
> think configure decides a LOCALTIME_CACHE for when tzset needs to be
> called (and it's then called by `localtime' etc).  You might have to
> investigate further.

I'll have to continue to look into this part.



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