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Re: Fetch-and-store for PowerPC... and more!

From: Kevin Ryde
Subject: Re: Fetch-and-store for PowerPC... and more!
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 10:26:39 +1100
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address@hidden (Ludovic Courtès) writes:
> The generic
> version of `FETCH_STORE' relies on `scm_mutex_lock ()' and
> `scm_mutex_unlock ()' which are not (yet) implemented.

Actually, they were implemented but then disappeared.  Recent breakage

> +   Note: look
> +   at the `always_swap ()' function is Glibc's `atomicity.h' in the `sysdeps'
> +   directory.  */

Looks like that's changed in the latest and greatest glibc, now
bits/atomic.h and __arch_atomic_whatever().

> +#if defined (__GNUC__) && defined (__powerpc__) && SIZEOF_SCM_T_BITS == 4
> +
> +/* On 32-bit PowerPC arches, we use the `lwarx' ("load word and reserve,
> +   indexed") and `stwcx.' ("store word conditional, indexed") instructions.

No need to describe instructions.  (But crib notes on the reservation
mechanism for single or multi cpus is fine.)

> +  asm ("\n1:\n"                                      \

I think "1:" is a gas-ism, it might not work on aix and macos.  But
dunno if guile actually runs at all on those systems at the moment.

> +       : "=&r" (fet)                         \
> +       : "r" (mem), "r" (sto));                      \

I think "mem" should be in the outputs too, since it's changed.

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