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Guile for Maemo / Nokia 770

From: Zeeshan Ali
Subject: Guile for Maemo / Nokia 770
Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2006 19:39:18 +0200


> For core Guile no, I guess not.  But I would personally like a
> Hildon-enhanced guile-gnome as well, so that I can play with writing
> small graphical apps.  I think this means adding defs for the Hildon
> API to the existing gtk/gnome defs, and then rebuilding guile-gnome.

   Oh! guile-gnome is seperate story, you should have made it explicit! :)

> I see that the PyMaemo people have already prepared a load of Hildon
> .defs files.  Does anyone know whether these are valid verbatim for
> guile-gnome as well?

   I think Rotty or Wingo can answer that. I don't know anything about
gwrap and therefore guile-gnome internals.

> Did you have to build GMP first?  Perhaps GMP is already included in
> the Maemo env.

   GMP? What is that? :) I don't rememeber needing to install anything
other than what was already installed by sb/maemo but it was a few
months ago and i can be wrong.

> > Would you want .debs for it or there are things that needs porting?
> We'd want to end up with .debs, yes.  Do you already have these?
> (I've never done this before myself; my impression is that the process
> is a bit fiddly, but not too hard.)

   I did create the debs and tested them too but I don't have them
anymore. :( But it was easy and i can make them again. But is there
really a need? The .debs for guile provided by the official debian arm
repos. works out of the box.

> I wouldn't expect anything to need porting except for the Hildon API
> graphical stuff mentioned above.

   I don't think that requires any 'porting', we just need to wrap the
hildon widgets. I can start to work on this but first i'll need to
learn goops and g-wrap.

> Thanks for your reply!

   No problem. :)


Zeeshan Ali

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