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A REPL plugin for Nvim

From: Alejandro Sanchez
Subject: A REPL plugin for Nvim
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2017 20:36:36 +0100

Hello everybody,

I have been doing some Scheme work in Guile over the past few week and I’m the 
one weirdo who doesn’t use Emacs, I use Nvim instead. The lack of proper REPL 
support was annoying me, I had to go through the ritual of opening a new 
terminal buffer and starting Guile with the correct parameters every time I 
wanted to fiddle around with a snippet of code. So I made a REPL plugin instead.

Repo: (mirror)

Screencast of the plugin in action:

The plugin uses the terminal emulator to display the REPL, so the 
aforementioned ritual is now nicely abstracted away behind a command. Users can 
spawn any number of independent REPL instances, the buffers are updated 
asynchronously, arguments can be passed to the command and every aspect can be 
customised. The only downside is that it is still just a terminal running, so 
we cannot use the vi-style movement commands inside the REPL.

This is no Geiser, but it makes Nvim a much more viable platform for Guile 
development. What I am missing is the ability to syntax-highlight the prompt 
and messages from the REPL like the backtrace. Is there a documentation on what 
format those follow, so I can use a regex to match them without matching Scheme 
code as a false positive?

I hope you like what you what I made, even if I’m sure most of you will keep 
using Emacs :)

PS: Nvim (formerly known as Neovim) is a fork of Vim. There are a number of 
goals, but the biggest one is cleaning out the codebase, allowing plugins in 
any language to be written, completely revamp how GUIs are written (GUIs are 
now essentially plugins), improve performance, allow asynchronous job control, 
allow for Nvim to be embedded in other applications, and even more things that 
I can’t remember off the top of my head.

It works great and I haven’t had a reason to go back to Vim at all. This sort 
of plugin would have been plain impossible in Vim.

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