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Re: Happy birthday, Guile!

From: sirgazil
Subject: Re: Happy birthday, Guile!
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2020 16:08:47 -0500
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 ---- On Sun, 16 Feb 2020 13:36:16 -0500 Arun Isaac <address@hidden> wrote ----
 > > Today, it’s been 9 years since Guile 2.0 came out!
 > Happy birthday, Guile! And, congratulations to the entire Guile
 > community!
 > > We used to have a “Guile potluck” for the anniversary, where people
 > > would bring their own hacks and virtually join for a party.  We missed
 > > it this year, but if there’s a nice hack that you’d like to share, now
 > > is a good time!
 > I just made some guile bindings for xapian[1], the search library. My
 > first use of the library will be to improve Guix package search. But,
 > I can think of many more interesting things to do with it!
 > It's quite incomplete and probably a little premature to announce it
 > here, but since you asked! :-)

But glad to know it exists :)

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