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[ANN] nyacc 1.04.0 released

From: Matt Wette
Subject: [ANN] nyacc 1.04.0 released
Date: Fri, 28 May 2021 06:47:57 -0700
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Hi All,

I have released nyacc-1.04.0, which provides union support in the FFI Helper.
I have not thoroughly tested (as FFI Helper tests are not yet automated).

Also, I have been uploading a guix.scm file in the release directory.
I have not been using guix lately so any feedback to clean it up would be


NYACC, for Not Yet Another Compiler Compiler, is set of guile modules for
generating parsers and lexical analyzers.  It also provides sample parsers
and pretty-printers using SXML trees as an intermediate representation.

It provides a decent C parser and a `FFI Helper' tool to help create
Guile Scheme bindings for C-based libraries.

It provides (partially implemented) compilers based on above mentioned
parsers to allow execution with Guile as extension languages.

NEWS for V1.04.0
        * in nyacc/lex.scm, changed signature of lex-generator extra-reader
          to (ch loop) from (ch), so that user-supplied routine can loop
        * nyacc/lang/c99/ffi-help.scm: clean up and added support for unions
          and anonymous arrays in structs.  This needs testing.  Considering
          bug #60410 closed.  Anonymous structs unions are being augmented
          with stubbed identifiers _1 ... _N (for now).
        * Changed C99 emitted type-qual elements to use subelements instead
          of strings: (type-qual "restrict") -> (type-qual (restrict))

NYACC maturity is production/stable level.

NYACC is free software; the full source distribution is available through

* the tarball repository:

* the git repository:

home page, project page and user's guides:

Report bugs:

Get support:

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