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Re: installing emacs and X11 on OS X

From: Hugo Wolf
Subject: Re: installing emacs and X11 on OS X
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 13:01:31 GMT
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In article <>, Piet van Oostrum wrote:
> Why would you want an X11 version? There is a Carbon version 

Which is great at the console but no more useful than the preinstalled
one if you're connected remotely,

> which is nicer.

In some ways.

Unless you're running a pure standalone system it's a good idea to
have both.  The only tricky bit about that is conditionalizing the
startup files, in case you want the environment to be different for
the two cases.

Which leads me to a new question: is there a variable or function
which identifies the carbon build?  At the moment I'm using 

 (fboundp 'do-applescript)

which really feels like hack.  Is there a cleaner check?

d f-d

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