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psgml mode and sgml-set-face

From: porschberg
Subject: psgml mode and sgml-set-face
Date: 23 Oct 2002 06:07:04 -0700

I want use psgml mode to edit my XML files
and I tried to set sgml-set-face to 't' in my
.emacs init file, but if I check the variable
after startup I see that it is still nil.
I tried to set it over Customize->ChangeOption
anf I get a message :

Signaling: (error "Variable sgml-set-face cannot be customized")
  signal(error ("Variable sgml-set-face cannot be customized"))
  error("Variable %s cannot be customized" sgml-set-face)

What can I do ?
At the moment I'm not satisfied with the color settings.

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