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Re: installing emacs and X11 on OS X

From: John Paul Wallington
Subject: Re: installing emacs and X11 on OS X
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 15:08:50 +0100
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Hugo Wolf <> wrote:

> Which leads me to a new question: is there a variable or function
> which identifies the carbon build?  At the moment I'm using 
>  (fboundp 'do-applescript)
> which really feels like hack.  Is there a cleaner check?

The value of the variable `window-system' is `x' under X-Windows,
`mac' under Carbon, and `tty' for a Terminal.

e.g.: (eq window-system 'mac) could replace your check.

Also, it may be better to test for specific capabilities, so that when
the Carbon build gets them your configuration will use them.  e.g.:

(if (display-images-p)
    (auto-image-file-mode t))

John Paul Wallington

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