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Re: Error in gexp.scm. Unrecognized keyword.

From: Alex Kost
Subject: Re: Error in gexp.scm. Unrecognized keyword.
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2016 17:10:28 +0300
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Dmitry Nikolaev (2016-09-28 12:06 +0300) wrote:

>     > What is wrong with my guix installation and gexp.scm? I haven't
>     seen
>     > anybody complaining about it in this mailing list. What do I
>     have to do to
>     > update my GuixSD installation?
>     Most likely there is some problem with your OS configuration
>     (typically
>     '/etc/config.scm'). Can you share it if there is nothing
>     sensitive or
>     private in it?
> Looks like something is wrong in my xorg-ati.scm module.
> I'm using non-libre linux with free drivers for Radeon with blob in
> kernel and some additional configuration for it.
> My entire configuration is open and located on github
> You can find my config.scm there
> As my xorg-ati.scm

This file looks like you copied its contents from (gnu services xorg)
some time ago.  I think the problem is that this code is already old
enough to conflict with the current guix code.

Such copying of some part of the guix code and using it in a system
config instead of the current guix code is not a right approach IMO.  If
you think there is something that can't be configured by a user, please
report.  But is using #:extra-config for 'xorg-configuration-file'
procedure not enough for you needs?


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