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Re: My Guile Hacker Handbook

From: Jérémy Korwin-Zmijowski
Subject: Re: My Guile Hacker Handbook
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2020 11:17:27 +0200
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Hi Zelphir !

> The handbook looks great visually. I like the artwork, which is also
> used on the Guile website. It looks inviting to get going with
> coding.

The artwork used is not meant to stay as is but it does the job right
now. (Sirgazil, hope you don't mind...)

I have to custom the code highlight to handle scheme (default don't...)

> As for the website itself, how did you create it on the backend side?
> Ah
> I just saw the link to the repo!

I use a fork of mdbook to provide multi-language feature :

(To share my vision, I would go for a Skribilo version some day)

> Default language seems to be French, which is fine. Might however
> lead
> to people missing the language switcher, if they do not understand
> French. Although it is at the top, so it should be pretty obvious.
> Perhaps an initial language chooser would be best.

I guess I will make english the default. And put some word about other
languages in the homepage.

> I also like the emphasis on testing in the guide.

It's my favorite too hahahaha

> Looking forward to any further content!

For sure, I think the awesome list you initiate will help to speed up
the process ! ;)

Thank you for your feedback ! It helps !


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