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Re: simple config with just startx not working for me

From: Andreas Reuleaux
Subject: Re: simple config with just startx not working for me
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2021 00:17:20 +0100
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OK, many thanks.

fine with sway - I wanted to switch to wayland some time anyway.

And I will give eglogind a try.

I did see another thread - after asking
my question on this list - by the way:

  and the consensus seems to be that this has never been easy:

  "It has never been simple on Guix System to use xinit / startx,..."

And I would really appreciate if some more care would be given to this:
as much as I like the core ideas of guix, things like these I find
discouraging / off putting - sorry to say this.


Vagrant Cascadian <> writes:

> On 2021-08-21, Andreas Reuleaux wrote:
>> I am fairly new to guix, thus bear with me please.
> Welcome!
>> I want to start X on my system with startx - i.e. log into my system
>> just from a tty, and then start X by hand (and i3 will be my window
>> manager, I just have an .xsession file in my $HOME, where I start i3)
>> - I do not want any desktop-services / desktop-manager / graphical login 
>> manager
>> (this may seem old school - but has worked fine for me for years
>> under debian). 
>> I cannot really get this working though: I have xinit installed (with
>> startx therein, cf. my config below), but when I
>>   startx
>> on the command line, I get this:
>>     xauth:  file /home/rx/.serverauth.1957 does not exist
> ...
> I struggled with this for a bit and eventually gave up.  In theory, if
> you make enough executables setuid, you might be able to get startx to
> work properly (other distros such as Debian make startx work by
> installing various executables setuid).
> In the end, I switched using sway, which is very similar to i3 but uses
> wayland natively instead of X11 (though there are still X11
> compatibility layers). The main thing is you need to have elogind
> configured in your system, and then you can login and run "exec sway"
> and it "just works".
> So, not exactly a direct answer to your question, but maybe it is a
> workable alternative for you.
> live well,
>   vagrant

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