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Re: simple config with just startx not working for me

From: Andreas Reuleaux
Subject: Re: simple config with just startx not working for me
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2021 15:01:19 +0100
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hi again,

sx is working fine for me now, thanks a lot again.

so far w/ i3 i.e. - I will want to replace that w/ sway (wayland) next.


宋文武 <> writes:

> Andreas Reuleaux <> writes:
>> [...]
>> I want to start X on my system with startx - i.e. log into my system
>> just from a tty, and then start X by hand (and i3 will be my window
>> manager, I just have an .xsession file in my $HOME, where I start i3)
> Hello, you can use 'xorg-server-service-type' (not documented, patch
> welcome!)  with 'sx' (recommended) or 'xinit':
> 1. Add 'xorg-server-service-type' to the system config, and reconfigure.
>    After this you'll have 'X' and 'Xorg' in '/run/current-system/profile/bin'.
> 2. Install 'sx' or 'xinit', config them:
>    - For 'sx', create the ~/.config/sx/sxrc script, which likely ends
>    with 'exec dbus-run-session -- i3' .
>    - For 'xinit', create the ~/.xinitrc script and a ~/.xserverrc with:
>    tty=$(tty)
>    tty=${tty#/dev/tty}
>    X vt${tty}
>      This xserverrc is needed for rootless X to start with the current tty.
> 3. Run 'sx' or 'xinit' from tty.  I think you also need to to be in the
>    'video' and 'input' group for this to work.
> Hope it helps!

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