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Re: Printer configuration failed due to missing filters

From: Daniel Meißner
Subject: Re: Printer configuration failed due to missing filters
Date: Sat, 04 Dec 2021 12:54:41 +0100

Hi Tobias,

> Daniel Meißner 写道:
>> I am currently trying to configure my Epson printer on Guix system
>> using system-config-printer.  The printer is connected via USB and is
>> automatically detected in the dialog window that opens if I click on
>> "Add". I select the printer from the list and click on "Forward",
>> then I enter the printer name, a description and a location in the
>> section "Describe Printer".  However, if I click on "Apply", the
>> following error message is printed:
> I was unable to reproduce this at all, albeit without an Epson USB
> printer connected, of course.

Using the web-interface of CUPS I could add my printer seamlessly and
even print a test page.  So thanks!  However, as mentioned in [1], the
web interface responded super slowly which was the reason to use
system-config-printer and gnome-control-center in the first place.
After the fix the web-interface now runs smoothly.

However, gnome-control-center still `Failed to add new printer' and
system-config-printer still prints the error message I mentioned before.
As before it adds the printer but refuses to print a test page saying
‘There was an error during the CUPS operation: 'No such file or

Nevertheless, I found that it is possible to print a PDF document from
evince on the very same printer that I added using
system-config-printer.  So the problem seems to lie within
system-config-printer (and not CUPS) searching the right PATH for the
Epson filter.  Additionally, gnome-control-center does not seem to work
at all in that regard because I did not manage to add the printer with

I am happy now since I am able to print but maybe it is worthwhile
investigating this issue with gnome-control-center within the
core-updates-frozen branch.  Because this would be the first place to
try to add printers for new Guix users that use Gnome.  I would be happy
to help although I can probably only try to reproduce this issue on



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