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Re: Run .deb or .rpm packages

From: Remco
Subject: Re: Run .deb or .rpm packages
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2021 21:46:42 +0100
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2021/12/08 20:10, André A. Gomes:

> From a freedom perspective, what are my options?  Running a virtual
> machine with ubuntu/fedora for this sole purpose?

I've had some success running debian packages from a chroot environment
on my guix installation.  There's a debootstrap package which allows you
to create a chroot environment.

Something like:

  guix shell debootstrap -- debootstrap --arch=amd64 bullseye 

and then:

  mount -t proc proc my-bullseye-install/proc
  mount -t devpts devpts my-bullseye-install/dev/pts
  chroot my-bullseye-install /bin/bash --login

You'll probably need to run all these as root.


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