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Re: X Windows for Hurd

From: James Buchanan
Subject: Re: X Windows for Hurd
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 02:32:26 +1100

On 29 Nov 00, at 14:08, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:

> Hi James,
> it would be much better for everyone, including you,
> if you'd just help to improve Debian GNU/Hurd. 
You've got a point there... the only reason for me doing my own 
distribution was that I had no idea there were any in existance until 
you told me about Debian GNU/Hurd.
There is
> enough room for everyone in this project. So if you are not
> trying to do something spectacular different from Debian,
No not really, nothing that special. Just better documentation than 
Linux has, a tweaked kernel, easy to use install program, etc.
> that's my advice.
> On X, I am not going to say anything. It took me a couple of days to
> figure it out myself, and I sent the patches back to the X maintainers
> and uploaded binary packages so this work doesn't need to be
> duplicated. Check the mailing list archive for more info.
That's a relief, I must say. It would've taken me a lot longer than a 
couple of days, I think! ;P
> Thanks,
> Marcus

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