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Re: Shared-Memory for the Hurd?

From: Neal H Walfield
Subject: Re: Shared-Memory for the Hurd?
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 15:37:31 -0500
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> >   1. how to write (non-trivfs) translators

The soruce (look at say ext2 and use that as a template for new ones).

> >   2. how to use stores

The source (and it is not easy).

> >   3. how the port rights are passed from task to task

The CMU documentation.  But this is actually quite easy, there is two
ways:  a task inherits ports from its parent (the bootstrap port, the
root, etc).  Second, port rights are passed along inside of messages:

I send you a message.  It contains data and a send right to a port
someone is listening on (i.e. not necessarily me).  Then you reply to the
indicated port.

> >   4. how to program against libps/proc-server

This is actually _very_ well documented in /include/ps.h.
You could also take a look at procfs.


Neal H Walfield
University of Massachusetts at Lowell or

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