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How to cross-compile the hurd

From: Peter Wainwright
Subject: How to cross-compile the hurd
Date: 09 Sep 2003 21:58:52 +0100

I'd like to help with the Hurd, but I can't get to first
I tried a binary distribution (J2) but it wouldn't boot
- looks like interrupt conflicts with my ethernet card
since "eepro100..." was the last thing I saw before the
screen went blank.
So I am trying to cross compile from my existing system
(which is Pink Tie 9, not Debian, but I do have dpkg).
I tried to follow the instructions in hurd/INSTALL-cross,
but no luck.
I have a working cross-compiler and cross-binutils.
However, I cannot yet link a Hurd executable, because I
do not have crt1.o (which is presumably part of the
Hurd libc). Therefore ./configure fails on gnumach
since it includes AC_PROG_CC, which tests for a working
compiler and complains "... cannot create executables".

I am working on the current HEAD cvs hurd, gnumach
and mig.

What is the correct order of compilation, then? Can
I create a Hurd libc before compiling gnumach? Or is
there really a circular dependency here?
Since crt1.o is a user-level object, surely it is not
really needed to compile the kernel, so is it possible
to remove the check (AC_PROG_CC) somehow?

Really hoping for some help...
Peter Wainwright

Peter Wainwright <>

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