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compiling glibc+hurd from cvs

From: Rian Hunter
Subject: compiling glibc+hurd from cvs
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 23:53:23 -0500

Eh, i compiled the latest libc and hurd from cvs today, installed then
rebooted and it would freeze on trying to start ext2fs.static. I was
using the crosshurd installation with gcc-3.3. I had no problems
compiling (except for libpthread which i just disabled). I also used
--prefix= for libc and no configure options for the hurd. I followed the
instructions from the INSTALL document in the hurd cvs directory. Are
there any special precautions i should take before compiling and
installing a new libc/hurd on an existing hurd system? Also, does anyone
have any clue why it just froze? I think it was maybe gcc-3.3 but i'm
not sure. I'm sure these questions are asked a lot on the list, so if i
get some adequate answers i'll make a readme or guide, otherwise i'll
still make a readme or guide. hah. Thanks.

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