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strange behaviour of HURD(was: MAKEDEV kills everything)

From: arnuld
Subject: strange behaviour of HURD(was: MAKEDEV kills everything)
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2007 23:26:54 +0530

On 7/10/07, Michael Banck <> wrote:

If it tells you to reboot and run native-install again, that probably
means it thinks it got run for the first time only, did you see lots of
Debian packages being installed/configured?

ok, at next reboot, i entered into single-user mode and did this:

# export TERM=mach
# ./native-install

and i see for the 1st time it asked me about Timezone. i entered (5)
for Asia and then it said, press Enter to see all timezones (within
Asia), i did  and get "broken pipe" message :-(

anyway, i entered "Calcutta" as i am in IST (GMT + 5.5). then it did
usual configuration kind of things, same it did before asking me for
Timezone. then it *hung* up at this point:

"packages marked [*] produce lot of output: use 'less' or 'more' !

and then i *hung-in* there forever. cursor was blinking but nothing
else. as i wa sin single-user mode "C-c" did not work. i had to
hard-boot :-(

now when i boot into HURD, whether single-user or not, it reboots
automatically :-(. i do not understand this behaviour, i am booting
into HURD and as soons as it finishes with booting work, like system
startup messages, it reboots automatically :-(

what is wrong now ?

I am not sure the base tarball method is much tested, maybe it would be
easier to use the K14 ISO.

for downloading the CD, i have to wait for 2-6 months as my ISP has
monopoly in my area and it is giving me a download speed of 1.2 kbps
(with 90 disconnections per day) for a 256 kbps bandwidth connection
:-(, i expect some improvement over next 6 months.

lots of Indians are selling Linux but no one for CDs of HURD :-(


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