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Re: strange behaviour of HURD(was: MAKEDEV kills everything)

From: arnuld
Subject: Re: strange behaviour of HURD(was: MAKEDEV kills everything)
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2007 19:01:36 +0530

On 7/11/07, Michael Banck <> wrote:
On Tue, Jul 10, 2007 at 11:26:54PM +0530, arnuld wrote:
> and i see for the 1st time it asked me about Timezone. i entered (5)
> for Asia and then it said, press Enter to see all timezones (within
> Asia), i did  and get "broken pipe" message :-(

That might be an indication that pflocal is not working.

> now when i boot into HURD, whether single-user or not, it reboots
> automatically :-(. i do not understand this behaviour, i am booting
> into HURD and as soons as it finishes with booting work, like system
> startup messages, it reboots automatically :-(

That usually means that Mach panic'ed.

last message i could read was something like :

ext2fs.static: shutdown message from ..........

That is really hard to tell; try to fsck the Hurd partition from
GNU/Linux, it could be that it is corrupted.

i have tried that already, "filesystem is clean".


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