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Re: libidn2 support

From: Simon Josefsson
Subject: Re: libidn2 support
Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2016 23:12:15 +0100
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Tim Ruehsen <address@hidden> writes:

> Added a branch 'coverage' based on branch 'libunistring'.
> It contains a make target 'check-coverage' which runs the test suite with 
> collection coverage stats and generating HTML output in directory 'lcov'.
> It adds a NFC quick check to avoid unneeded normalizations (explained in 
> I also added a few tests to cover more code paths than before, raising 
> coverage to:
>   lines......: 88.8% (656 of 739 lines)
>   functions..: 95.1% (39 of 41 functions)
> That was the low hanging fruits, covering more code paths is beyond my time.
> You could remove the case_flags from punycode_encode() - not used in libidn2.

Neat.  Take a look in as part of the release process, coverage
reports are generated too.  It looks similar to your rules, not sure if
there is any difference.  They are online here:

> Interestingly, ltr_ends_ok() in bidi.c is never called. That means 
> ltr_lenescsetonbnnsm_ok() always returns false. Not sure what is going on 
> here. Maybe just missing test cases - they added more cases for Unicode > 
> 6.3.0.

Interesting -- this may indicate a bug in the implementation, worth
looking into comparing with the RFC.  Or an RFC bug :-)


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