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[Info-cvs] Binary mode version of CVS for Windows NT

From: Andreas . Fester
Subject: [Info-cvs] Binary mode version of CVS for Windows NT
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 10:10:36 -0000
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we have a "special" CVS version here which says

"This is the binary-mode version for Windows NT:
 All files are processed without converting CR/LF
 combinations to LF and vice versa."

when executing "cvs --version".

I now wonder how this version has been generated
since I want to update to a newer version of CVS.
Some people told me that there must be some special 
library or object file linked with the CVS executable.
Unfortunately I did not find any hints where to find
this strange library ...

Any hints are welcome :-)

Thanks in advance,


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