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Re: *some* files get checked out readonly

From: John Klassa
Subject: Re: *some* files get checked out readonly
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 09:20:04 -0500

>>>>> On Thu, 15 Mar 2001, "Donald" == Donald Sharp wrote:

  Donald> Someone probably did a 'cvs watch on' command on those
  Donald> files.  If this is the case in the corresponding directory in
  Donald> the repository should be a CVS directory.  There will be a
  Donald> fileattr file in the CVS directory there.  To turn it off do a
  Donald> 'cvs watch off <filenames>'

Interestingly, yes, there are a lot of "watched" files...  Wow.  Does
WinCVS "watch" files automatically?  I can't think of any other way this
would have happened, since the users I support certainly don't know
about the "cvs watch" facility. :-)


P.S.  I don't know why I bother writing to info-cvs.  I should just walk
down the hall and ask you...  You always know the answers. :-)

John Klassa / address@hidden

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