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Re: What's remembered? "S" flag suggestion

From: Kent Henneuse
Subject: Re: What's remembered? "S" flag suggestion
Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2001 10:21:23 -0700

Eric Siegerman wrote:
> Maybe I should clarify; I interpret Kent's suggestion for an "In
> branch tag XYZ" message to mean once per update, or at most once
> per directory, perhaps as an addendum to the existing "cvs:
> Updating ..." message -- NOT once per file like "file foo.c was
> lost" warnings.  And in any case, that's a separate proposal,
> independent of and orthogonal to the "S foo.c" proposal.  The two
> should not be conflated.
Yes this was my intent.  Not per file or even per directory as that
be really annoying.  Just at the begining, or end of the cvs update as
says.  So to clarify:

   Create a flag is cvs so that when a 'cvs update' occurs you will be 
notified of files that are sticky to a specific revision.
   Create a message at the begining or end of the 'cvs update' commands
to notify the user that they are sticky to a branch.( -r <branch> used
update or checkout).

* Notification of sticky files would happen only on the file line that
goes to
stdout when running 'cvs update'
* The flag infront of the sticky file would be 'S' to signify sticky.
* Notification of operating in a branch(because sticky) would be output
stderr at the begining of the 'cvs update' command as "Updating....on
branch <branchName>" or at the end of the update as "<branchName> branch
* Notification of branch names would be suppressed when using 'cvs -q'

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