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ssh ?

From: Ronald Edward Petty
Subject: ssh ?
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 14:45:55 -0400 (EDT)

Where is a manual/tutorial on using and setting up ssh and cvs.  Im am not
using any windows or anything weird.  I have read man cvs, info cvs,, and tons of other things.  But I keep having problems.  I
have 2 machines.  One has cvs running.  I have sshd running on both
machines.  I want the working directory to download to the client machine,
is this possible?  I tried running pserver, and I could get the
repository, but I keep getting errors about trying to acces /root/.????  .
And I cannot commit or anything , connection refused.  I did telnet and
all that and everything says it is working.  In xinetd.d/cvspserver I had
the user=root, but I heard this is not good, and you should run it as cvs.
So I created a user account cvs, (in turn creating a group account cvs),
and changed the owner of the repository to cvs.  But then i cannot connect
any to the server if I change the xinetd.d/cvspserver user=root to
user=cvs.  So Im trying to avoid pserver, and just use ssh.  Can someone
point me to what to do.  I have 2 fresh default installs.  Im just trying
to learn how to use this, installing, I have been using cvs forever, never
admin it though.

Sorry if Im whinny, but this is the seventh day Im working on this, and I
have to work on projects using it, not worry about getting it to work.

Thanks a ton


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