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Re: CVSRootIP app to replace old w/ new ip

From: Jesus Manuel NAVARRO LOPEZ
Subject: Re: CVSRootIP app to replace old w/ new ip
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 17:42:46 +0200

Hi eric07_

eric07 wrote:
> Thanks to help from people in this earlier group I found that when the
> servers ip changes then the client has to change all the ip on it.
> I use windows and WinCVS for my client so i have to find all the Root
> files in the CVS directories and change the old ip to the new ones.
> I figure it will take forever everytime to manually change it so i
> created a console app to do it for me.  called CVSRootIP
> usage:
> cvsroot c:\projects\SampleApp

That's why the *standard* way to move a repository is:
1/ Tell everyboddy to checkin and stop their work
2/ Move the repo.
3/ Tell everybody to delete their local copy and recheck out the repo
from new location

This way the problem disappears.

On the other hand, some time ago, someone told as a refinement:
Always use proper name resolution in place.
Always have a nickname (CNAME on DNS jargon) kindof
Checkout thro the nickname (instead IP)
Have the repo always on the same localtion on the HD (like /home/cvs) or
use a symlink so you can have this standardized location

With this in place, your users won't even notice the repo has changed to
a new machine (but only for the few minutes involved in taking off
public access the old box; make last minute resync, change name
resolution to the new box and take on public access that new box).

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