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Re: [PATCH] LogHistory values listing in cvs.texinfo

From: Roman Neuhauser
Subject: Re: [PATCH] LogHistory values listing in cvs.texinfo
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 18:22:42 +0200

At 17:38 8/31/2001, Larry Jones wrote the following:
>Roman Neuhauser writes:
>> I was looking for the possible values of LogHistory in 
>> $CVSROOT/CVSROOT/config, and failing to find any documentation
>> beyond the brief remark, I used the source.
>There's a cross-reference in the current development version.

Thanks. If you put a link to the Admin. area -> config description,
I'll be happy. That's the section I patched BTW.

>> BTW, am I dumb and blind, or does really
>> lead me in cycles when I try to find 
>> a) a tarball download, 
>> b) cvs login instructions
>> c) mailing list archives
>Only if you let it. :-)

Honestly, is one of the worst (if not the
one) sites I've seen as far as navigation is concerned.

>a) From the main CVS page, pick "CVS Downloads", "actual download
>pages", then pick one of the platforms.

Well, I wasn't interested in a binary. I wanted a source tarball.
I don't know the tag names (I suppose the repository is tagged with
every release), so it's kinda hard to checkout a particular version.

And, oh, checking out a WC on a system that doesn't have CVS installed
isn't the easiest task either. :)

>b) Same as above, but rather than picking a platform pick "Get it!" or
>"Source Distribution Page".

Heh, you know what the problem was? I didn't try empty password. I tried
to get logged in guessing all possible passwords anonymous could have,
and it always failed. Seems like I'm the only one. Oh well.

>c) From the main CVS page, pick "CVS Communication" and then either
>"View Archive" or "Search Archive" under the list you're interested in.

What I did was: CVS Documentation -> Mailing Lists.

Am I really the only one having these issues with that site?
Nevermind, now that I know what to do / where to look, I'm ok.

>> Content-Type: application/octet-stream; name="cvs.texinfo.patch"
>> Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
>> Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="cvs.texinfo.patch"
>Patches are plain text -- please fix your mailer so that it doesn't
>base64 encode them needlessly.

I'm afraid I won't be able to do anything about this issue. What should 
I do with the patch then? I can put it on the web if you're interested.
If so, I'll check out a WC of CVS, and patch the current cvs.texinfo.

BTW, what I really miss in the CVS manual, KFogel's book, and at Pascal
Molli's tutorial is a section aimed at setting up CVS (beyond the 
"$ cvs -d /usr/local/repository init" note). Is these such info somewhere
I'm also missing?


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