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Re: removing Dir from CVS control

From: Tobias Brox
Subject: Re: removing Dir from CVS control
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 20:29:02 +0400
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[raptor - Wed at 05:03:12PM +0300]
> so when I imported the project it get all directories in CVS repository, but
> I don't want dirX to go there,
> so now I have to remove it from CVS-control 'cause it it something like
> temporary directory and have nothing to do with source-code tracking :"|

So, it was committed by a mistake, and had nothing to do in the repository.
If nobody has checked out yet, I'd daresay you can just nuke the directory
from your $CVSROOT (if you have shell access to the cvs server, that is),
remove the line for the directory from root/CVS/Entries (in the work
directory), and remove dirX/CVS (also from the work directory).

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