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Re: Question about version numbers.

From: Mark
Subject: Re: Question about version numbers.
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 06:43:11 -0800 (PST)

   cvs add gamma.c
   cvs ci -r 6.27 gamma.c
   cvs up -A gamma.c
   <edit gamma.c>
   cvs ci gamma.c

Should fix your issue with stickiness.

As far as CVS complaining about stickiness of delta.c when you commit file
gamma.c specifically, can't help you there. :)


--- Peter Kroon <address@hidden> wrote:
> I don't know why Frederico asks this question but I can at least think of a
> reason that applies to us:
> If have a collection of files, each of which has undergone many revisions
> before we started using CVS.
> Now assume that I want to import revision 6.27 of file gamma.c into the
> repository.
> As there is no -r switch on the "cvs import" command, I use (omitting the -m
> "message'):
>   cvs add gamma.c
>   cvs ci -r 6.27 gamma.c
> At first look this works as I want. But then I edit gamma.c and try to commit
> it again with:
>   cvs ci gamma.c
> I get:
>   cvs server: sticky tag `6.27' for file `delta.c' is not a branch
>   cvs [server aborted]: correct above errors first!
> Larry, is this why you advise against it? And if I really want to do this, is
> there a way around this?
> Thanks, Peter Kroon.
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