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What is the true use ?

From: Michael L. Hostbaek
Subject: What is the true use ?
Date: 22 Nov 2001 10:07:22 GMT
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A buddy of mine, and I are having a somewhat loud discussion, as to how
we are using cvs on our server.

We want to put our www docroot in cvs. 

The way I see/use it, is:
We import docroot to cvs rep, and when we want to change/add we checkout
a working dir in our respective homedirs. And after we have commited, we
have to export and copy to actual docroot.

My friend wants to it like this:
We import docroot to cvs rep, and whenever we want to change/add we work
off actual docroot, and uses cvs like a backup. That means, that we only
have one working copy, and that being the actual production environment.

It can be done, cause at the moment being we are only two persons with
write access to docroot. However, if more people should need access it
is critical.

How is this done in the real world ? I think, my way of doing is the
correct way, but I do still have some issues, that are hard to explain..
When comitting, you have to export and copy every time - which can be a
And if you are working on a local copy in your homedir, how do you test
to see if it works, before comitting ? (Let's say you setup and test
env, but some dynamic pages depends on other things with absolute paths.

I would appreciate any feedback, and very much like to hear how other
people are dealing with this ? (Should I not put docroot in cvs ??)


Michael L. Hostbaek
-= Thanks for all the fish.. =-

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