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Re: What is the true use ?

From: Michael L. Hostbaek
Subject: Re: What is the true use ?
Date: 22 Nov 2001 18:33:36 GMT
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Michael Sims tried to tell us something, and all I got was:
>  At 10:07 AM 11/22/2001 +0000, Michael L. Hostbaek wrote:
>  1. Setup a seperate devel server and mimic the configuration of your 
>  production server.
>  2. Edit/update your code to remove references to absolute paths wherever 
>  possible.

Thanks for the reply (and effort you put into it) - another development
machine not an option. And the absolute paths, yes, they could be

What I find a bit boring with *my* current configuration, is that when I
have been working on my checkout version, and commited. Then I am forced
to do an export and then cp -R the stuff to docroot. - There must be an
easier way ? Maybe a Makefile that does the stuff for me ? So after
commting, I go to docroot and type "make" - and then my docroot is

However, since there are a few dir's that are not in my cvsrep, (e.g.
mrtg, webalizer, etc etc) - I need the Makefile to check for "flagged"
file/dir names, cause if someone commits a dir called 'mrtg', then when
I do an export - well, then I am screwed ;)

There must be someone with the same problem...

Michael L. Hostbaek
-= Thanks for all the fish.. =-

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