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Re: What is the true use ?

From: Michael Sims
Subject: Re: What is the true use ?
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 13:56:19 -0600

At 06:33 PM 11/22/2001 +0000, Michael L. Hostbaek wrote:
What I find a bit boring with *my* current configuration, is that when I
have been working on my checkout version, and commited. Then I am forced
to do an export and then cp -R the stuff to docroot. - There must be an
easier way ?

A suggestion (if I am understanding you correctly):

Don't check in your entire wwwroot as one module. Seperate out the different directories as different modules. Say you have:


Have a "foo" and a "bar" module in CVS, not just "htdocs". Then after you have imported the directories, delete the ones out of htdocs, then do a "cvs co foo" and "cvs co bar" directly from ./htdocs, and this will put these CVS working directories directly into your production environment. Then when you need to update them just do a "cvs update" from within ./htdocs/foo and ./htdocs/bar. There shouldn't be any need to do any manual copying. The whole point of CVS is avoid stuff like that, at least that is my understanding.

And since you have separated your directories out into different modules there will be no need to worry about overwriting or altering non-version controlled directories (such as your mrtg dir) since you never entered them into the CVS repository to begin with.

Sorry if I'm still not getting it... :)

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