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Re: [cvsgui] cvs branching problem

From: Sasha Case
Subject: Re: [cvsgui] cvs branching problem
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 17:12:14 +1000

At 05:08 PM 14/12/2001 +1000, Sasha Case wrote:
At this point if we attempt to do any operations on the branched files, it
is as though they are not in repository.

I've just done some more playing.. If I select all the files in WinCVS, then do an update, all the files except binaries are deleted with "... is no longer in the repository", however if I select the directory and do an update, all the files that were just deleted return.

What is going on??

Sasha Case
Development Engineer, Clarity EQ Pty Ltd
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