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Re: using head revision in branch after add on branch

From: C. Wienberg
Subject: Re: using head revision in branch after add on branch
Date: Sat, 02 Feb 2002 09:14:40 +0100

Hi Greg,

> It all depends on where you make the changes, now doesn't it.  If you
> make them in the working directory then you can just check them in.
> wouldn't need to use 'cvs export'...

You can only check them in into _one_ module.
If we have one module for common stuff and one with specialties, that go
into the same directory, we have a problem. You could export from one
module and check out from the other, but you could not check out from
two repositories into one local directory of the sandbox - the 
CVS/repository-files would collide. Also, I found no way to get CVS into 
an override mode, so checking out from different modules would result 
in " in the way"-errors. 

Generally, this may sound like bad directory design, so here's some
info: We are building our project on top of a product, the CoreMedia
Our main branch contains the stuff from the product and general
every branch specific settings for our 4 subprojects. E.g. there may be 
directories containing property files that have been adapted identically 
for all projects (head), as well as properties that are diffrent for
project (branch). It's quite comfortable to check out, you can run 
everything in your sandbox, works excellent besides my  problem
Obviously, we can not change the directory structure.

Also, we're on the last 14 days of the project, and I will not redesign
our setup now. I might do it differently, next project, though.

So: Has Anyone any Idea, how to solve my original problem????

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