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Re: using head revision in branch after add on branch

From: C. Wienberg
Subject: Re: using head revision in branch after add on branch
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 10:39:26 +0100

Hi Eivind,

> The following will probably work, but is DIRTY, and I am not certain 
> what side effects it may have on other apps trying to interact with 
> the CVS repository:
> cvs admin -N<branchname>:1 <filename>

It works! The command will change the symbols-entry in the *,v-File 
for the branch-symbol from "<branchname>:;" to 
"<branchname>:1;". CVS thinks, there still is a branch-specific 
version, but it is actually a pointer to the current version of the 
main branch.
I found another, even dirtier way to deal with my problem: When I 
remove the "<branchname>:;"-entry completely from the symbols-
section, CVS forgets that there is a branch-specific version, and I
will again get the head version when using the -f - option on checkout.

With both tricks, history remains intact, especially all tags still
point to correct versions.

Thanks for your help!


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