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Re: PreservePermissions variable

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: PreservePermissions variable
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 17:50:12 -0500 (EST)

Jeeva Sarma writes:
> I saw in the cvs
> manual(
> and
> that setting the variable PreservePermissions in
> config file enables support for saving special device
> files, symbolic links, file permissions and ownerships
> in the repository.Is this enough to use symbolic links
> in CVS?Are there any problems I should be aware of?

You might want to consult the current manual at in the
future rather than relying on old ones from elsewhere.  The
PreservePermissions code is notoriously buggy and frequently causes CVS
to crash.  It has been completely disabled by default since CVS 1.11 and
I don't recommend reenabling it unless you plan on debugging the code. 
What exactly is it that you want CVS to do with symlinks?

-Larry Jones

It's not denial.  I'm just very selective about the reality I accept.
-- Calvin

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