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Re: Why does CVS COPY a file (binary) to tag it? Can this be overridden

From: Schlitz
Subject: Re: Why does CVS COPY a file (binary) to tag it? Can this be overridden?
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 17:31:11 GMT

Dumb ignorant newbie question:
If I have a 1 MB binary in CVS , and I only apply a tag to it- making no changes, not commiting it or anything, does CVS store a whole new copy just because of the tag, or is that just a temporary copy and replace of the original?  (in other words, does simply applying a tag to a 1MB binary increase file space used in my repos by 1MB)??
<address@hidden> wrote in message news:address@hidden...
Hi David.  No .. actually I did not word this correctly ... the files are only a few MB in size ... but they are checked in relatively frequently so they grow to over 100MB+ over time.

In a message dated 02/11/02 7:16:59 PM Eastern Standard Time, address@hidden writes:

Subj:Re: Why does CVS COPY a file (binary) to tag it? Can this be overridden?
Date:02/11/02 7:16:59 PM Eastern Standard Time
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First things first.  You shouldn't be versioning 100 Mb binary
files.  What are you working with? And don't tell me tar files, I've heard
that one too many times on this list.

-- David F.

On Mon, 11 Feb 2002, bdcutler2001 wrote:

> We have noticed that when we tag a binary file, CVS makes a copy of
> it to do the tagging operation.  Problem is, the copy is in the
> file's directory - not a common space like /tmp.
> This becomes an issue for us because we have some ,v binaries that in
> the 100s of Mbs in size.  We run out of repository space when the
> users try to tag these files.
> Is there any way to tell CVS to use /tmp instead?  Better yet ... any
> way to change this behaviour?
> Has anyone else seen this behaviour?
> Brian Cutler
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